Yoshi (yoshi0) wrote,

support groups

A aspie Meetup friend referred me to this group www.dbsalliance.com
For people with bi polar, depression and mood disorders. I really hope this can help me and I can find a reason to live. I've had a horrible start to the year and need something to give me some hope and something to look forward too. They have a smaller weekend meeting every saturday at the alta bates hospital in berkeley. i can easily take BART there. Im going to give them a call tomorrow and ask about their saturday meetings and if i can go to my first one in a couple weeks when i have the money for train fare. im excited about this meetup and hope i enjoy it and go to more of them.
I was told by a good friend that aspies have a habit of focusing on the negative and become paranoid about people and their perceptions of me. That sounds about right.
I enjoy reading about mental illnesses. Although I haven't done much reading lately.
Been too depressed and angry with my life. Maybe tomorrow I'll start reading again. It used to be something I loved to do. Now I struggle to do read a chapter of a book.
At least I am writing in my journal that's a start. We all had to start somewhere.

in a couple weeks in February 9th im going to a aspergers meetup in san francisco's public library. i haven't been to one of these in a while. i enjoy them though and enjoyed my last apsie meetup at the library. im good friends with jim and janet fleming who usually attend these meetups. I also like the organizer Steven. hes a great guy and i like seeing him.

Joke of the day:
Class trip to the coca cola factory. Hope there isn't a pop quiz.
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