Yoshi (yoshi0) wrote,

Mixed bag of feelings

I honest don't know how to feel tonight. I mean my day was fine just boring. But my depressing past from my old LJ account is still hurting me. I thought those people werey friends but they showed who they really are after they all deserted me. Some friends they turned out to be. God. So I'm still getting over deleting my old LJ and making this one. I had my last one for a year and had a lot of sentimental value to me. But it slowly turned negative the past few weeks and months. So I guess its better that I created a new journal.
One with a new slate and new life you know? Yeah this new LJ will have to grow on me. I hope it does. I love to write when I have something to share which is often. I'm glad I stayed with live journal.

I plan on having some errands to do next Monday when I get paid. Then I'll start saving up for a new lens for my camera. Yay. Just a couple more months of saving and I'll be able to buy it. I love photography. I just wish my anxiety surrounding it wasnt so bad.
It really makes it hard for me to enjoy it when I'm anxious about the people around me. But I'll learn to live with that.

I'm contemplating going with my parents to visit my mom a grandma for a new year dinner. I might go just so I can get some pictures of the city. I love photographing the city. I guess I'll go and eat some good food. I just don't get along well with my grandma. That's the problem I'm worried about. Ugh. What to do.

I am writing back my pen pal in Florida right now also. If anyone wants to be a pen pal let me know. I love writing letters to friends.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and go back to reading on my kindle and the book January First by: Michael Schofield. I used to love reading but haven't been reading much at all last few weeks. I guess I'm too depressed or tired.

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